Each workbook contains two sections:

Language Practice contains a variety of activities for students to apply and practice the Spanish they are learning from the videos, such as:

  • Crossword puzzles, word finds, secret messages
  • Write a postcard, create a birthday party invitation, and create a menu
  • Performs skits using portions of actual scripts from the videos

Culture and Geography contains fun and light material teaching culture and geography in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Geography in a Jiffy and Fast Facts may discuss alpacas vs. llamas, Paddington the Bear, unusual New Year’s Eve and Birthday traditions, and much more
  • Idioms in an Instant feature a few humorous or interesting idioms from certain countries, for example, ,,,, (meaning, throwing the house out the window when too much is spent on a big party or celebration)
  • A Comic by Squisher®, the International Inchworm, teaching culture indirectly, through his light-hearted adventures with his friends.


“I minored in Spanish during college, and I was completely impressed with the amount of Spanish that is presented in these workbooks…and – it was fun too!” –Mom of Many


“I really appreciated how complete yet flexible the lessons in the curriculum guide are.  As we continued working through the lessons, the kids had a lot of fun using the sticker set and placing them on things and people around the house and they liked working through the workbooks included in the Starter Set.  In fact they were enjoying the workbooks so much I had to stop them from working too far ahead.” —A Glimpse of Normal