Our goal was to create a program that would teach children language in a way that developed their confidence and inspired them to enjoy learning foreign language. We worked for five years to create, develop and complete our video series to its full effectiveness. Many companies use still pictures or animation to sell their products in multiple languages. While more profitable, we believe that nothing is more authentic and effective than seeing real people using the language. In addition, using language in fun stories kids can relate to works very well with students. Finally, seeing and learning from other kids has an incredible appeal to children, engaging and motivating them in an uniquely effective way.

 “In the past, we have used an online language program and were not terribly impressed with it.  I did not feel that the children were learning or retaining anything from the lessons and honestly, if I were to ask them anything in regard to those lessons, they stare at me like I have a third eye.  This Spanish program is different!!  It’s engaging, it keeps the kids interested and they are even using what they are learning outside of school time. In the few weeks that we have been using this program, I can say that I am VERY impressed.  My oldest daughter has taken Spanish in public high school and I can honestly say that the kids have learned the language much faster and efficiently in a couple of months than that she has in a year of instruction.-Counting Pine Cones